20 Step Cleaning Process

Lil Rhody Miracle Maids’ 20 Step Cleaning Process will ensure your home is sparkling clean from the floors to the ceiling. Over the years, we’ve developed a cleaning strategy that leaves every area of your house spotless. Here’s our complete list for our 20 step cleaning process:

1. Vacuum and edge carpeting

2. Vacuum stairs

3. Vacuum upholstered fabrics

4. Vacuum and wash hard surfaces, floors and steps

5. Dust furniture, knickknacks and ceiling fans

6. Dust windowsills and baseboards

7. Dust pictures and wall hangings

8. Remove cobwebs

9. Clean & disinfect toilets

10. Clean & disinfect tubs and showers

11. Clean bathroom sinks and counters

12. Clean & disinfect bathroom floors

13. Wash kitchen floors

14. Clean kitchen sinks and faucets

15. Damp wipe kitchen cabinet doors

16. Clean outside of appliances

17. Wash kitchen counters and kitchen tables and chairs

18. Clean interior of microwave oven

19. Clean patio and entry door windows

20. Remove trash from bathrooms, bedrooms, and home offices

In addition to our 20 Step Process, the Lil’ Rhody team will also complete extra tasks including changing & making beds, assistance with laundry, dishes, and so forth. Our cleaning process can also be modified to the needs of every individual customer.

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